Inspired by the World War Z novel from Max Brooks, Z-Collapse takes you on a global zombie apocalypse. As the head of the government of your choice, make sure that your country survives! Dramatic decisions await you. How will you handle them?

Deep within a body, a new virus was born, and it is ready to change the world for the worst. It annihilates its carrier and turns him. Not alive anymore and yet not quite dead, the senseless body answers to one calling, a thirst for blood and flesh.

The fearsome zombies are here. They spread, bringing the downfall of humanity with them. With rumors and videos on social media, it is now impossible to stay blind to the problem.

Unlike most other zombie culture stories, Z-Collapse focuses on the beginning of the pandemic. How will world leaders try to limit contagion, avoid panic, manage refugees, fight the hordes, or simply to avoid falling to their doom?

It is up to you to choose among 154 available countries, and answer those questions. The survival of your country depends on you.

Z-Collapse offers a different rhythm than other strategy games. It is not a world conquest game, but a survival game. You will first have to address damage control, you will have to learn to take hits and yet stand back up. After barricading yourself, and thanks to your planning and advanced technologies, you will be able to take control back on the situation.

154 playable countries. Far from all being equals. The most resilient might not be the most obvious ones.

154 playable countries. Far from all being equals. The most resilient might not be the most obvious ones.
Resource management is necessary to the survival of your population, for base-building, and to develop an army. When they become scarce, you might have to start thinking about “borrowing” from your neighbors.
Bandits are rising in great numbers. Their ranks are growing strong with population panic. They will storm your facilities and will be a thorn in your thigh.
Refugee management from the exiled populations. You will be tasked to build refugee camps to house and protect the healthy. But do not forget they could just be extra mouths to feed.
Develop technologies to shape your country. Choose among multiple domains: military, economy, society, and science.
Apply political tactics: Diverting attention, mass screening, general mobilization, etc.
Mobilize your army to protect your territory, or to loot resources from your neighboring countries
Use special units to destabilize neighboring countries: agents to spread panic, or teams to infest new locations